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Snuffle balls | Large | Small | Mini | Dog enrichment toy

Snuffle balls | Large | Small | Mini | Dog enrichment toy

Large, small and mini Snuffle enrichment balls for dogs


Mini 4inch

Small 5inch

Large 8inch


Our Handmade Fleece Snuffle Balls are the perfect Enrichment/puzzle toy for dogs

Why is snuffle ball such a great toy?

- sniffing is a great mental and physical exercise for pets
- sniffing reduces stress levels and is very calming for dogs
- it can improve their focus and problem solving
- it makes meal times more interesting
- can be used as a distraction and decompression
- dogs are contrafreeloading animals which means they love to work for their food
- and most importantly - it's fun! Pets love sniffing, chasing and foraging!


Colours will be chosen at random unless stated otherwise. If there is a particular colour you would like or not like then please message and let me know.


Supervision is recommended and the toys should only be used as a training tool (particularly for those with “super chewers”) and not left to the dog and its own devices!


CAUTION - As With All Pet Toys This Isn’t Indestructible. Please Note That The Inside Of The Ball Is Tied And Contains Plastic, So Supervised Play Only. We Also Recommend Once The Treats Are All Found, That You Put The Ball Out Of Reach To Ensure Your Pet Doesn’t Attempt To Destroy It. Regularly Check The Toy For Any Signs Of Wear And Tear.

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